Caring for your Diamonds


You can't really expect something to look beautiful and remain attractive unless you put in sufficient effort to take care of it and ensure it maintains its appeal. This is true for most types of jewelry. You just can't afford to let it just let it lie around gathering dust and expect it to remain exquisite. And when it comes to something like precious diamonds, it's all the more important that you take care of them as caring for a diamond that has lost its shine is going to cost you a lot more money than any other type of jewelry. So if you would like your dazzling rocks to continue shining brilliantly, you will need to take care of them.


Diamonds are pretty much the most expensive gift most of us will receive in our lifetime and these gifts deserve to be treasured.


Just imagine how sad you will get if your diamonds became dull and lose their shimmer and sheen. Many families pass diamonds down through generations and if you too want to do so then you will have to take care of your diamonds. After all, passing down a dull and dusty diamond ring won't have the same effect as passing down a flawless one now will it?


It really is quite easy to clean these stones.


All you need to do is soak them in some mildly warm water mixed with some mild soap. Leave the diamonds to soak for a while and then use a soft brush to gently stroke each one ensuring you don't miss any crevices. Once done, you can rinse them with some fresh water and use a soft cloth to wipe. You will notice the shine return in no time as all the dirt is removed. You don't need to do this more than once in a few months for your diamonds to maintain their dazzle quotient. Don't underestimate the abilities of a professional jeweler though. You will have to take your diamonds to a professional every now & then as well to get them cleaned professionally. You will also need to take the necessary precautions as far as storing your diamonds are concerned. You should wrap them in a soft tissue or cloth before storing for maximum protection. And don't ever bring them directly into contact with any chemicals. This means you will have to take them off before doing any housework.


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